When Sylvester Stallone started making more Rocky sequels a decade and a half after the shark-jumping Rocky V, nobody was really surprised. I mean, he was yet to match the Police Academy franchise, and it’s hard not to love watching him run up those steps.

But when Suzuki whipped the covers off an all-new Jimny last year, I was shocked and amazed, and stoked.

Somehow, they’d managed to convince the beancounters to allow the development of a ladder chassis and solid axles at both ends combo that’s universally accepted as the perfect formula for a proper off-roader. It represents a double whammy by pairing it with cute-but-tough looks and just the right level of retro touches.

Perhaps it was because they’d save all their pennies during the previous model’s full two-decade lifespan? The other point to remember is that Suzuki was recently crowned the world’s most profitable car manufacturer

Yes, new tiny SUVs are popping up everywhere from all sorts of brands, but most are heavily city focused and don’t even have all-wheel drive, let alone a low-range transfer case, solid axles and off-road clearance that’ll make proper Hummers take notice.

The new Jimny does, which will ultimately limit its appeal among urban baby SUV set, but loyal fans of the past half-century of legendary Suzuki baby off roaders are still rejoicing. The little Zook is back!

Its on-paper charisma is such that it’s the only new car reveal that’s caused the entire CarsGuide editorial team to gather around one monitor to gawk at the initial pics. Forget the mid-engined exotics, Suzuki has trumped them all with a little funbox that you can get for about the price of a new Corolla!

Perhaps it could convert a few CX-3 buyers? The new Jimny finally arrives in Australian showrooms this weekend, but we’ve already put it through its paces in Melbourne to see if it lives up to the hype.