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Subaru Impreza 2017 review

Tim Robson road tests and reviews the new Subaru Impreza with specs, fuel consumption and verdict at its Australian launch in Canberra.

Tim Robson road tests and reviews the new Subaru Impreza with specs, fuel consumption and verdict at its Australian launch in Canberra.

It's one of the smallest car makers in the world, but Subaru has laid down a big marker for its future, investing more than a billion dollars in a brand new modular underbody structure that will see it through until 2025.

The fifth generation Impreza is the first car to be built on top of the company's new Subaru Global Platform, and Subaru has pulled out – almost – all the stops to reinvent its best-selling small car.

As passenger car sales continue to slide, though, is it money well spent? And can the brand succeed in its ambition of shaking off its self-confessed 'conservative' tag and bring new blood to the star cluster logo?


The new Impreza costs no more than the old one, but packs a lot more punch for the money – at least in terms of equipment and safety spec.

The new platform that underpins the car is a technological tour de force, and heralds a brave new future for Subaru, too.

The majority of users will be perfectly happy with the power delivery of the Impreza around town, but the advent of mild turbocharging in the small car space does, however, show up the Impreza's relative lack of pace.

Do you think the new Impreza will make a blip on the Millennials' radar? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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