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Mazda B2500 2005 Review

Add a turbo diesel engine and 4WD and you have probably the ultimate workmate that will carry you and all your stuff to the ends of the earth – well almost.

The current model has been around for donkey's ages with progressive upgrades keeping it fresh. It's available in numerous body configurations including a handy Freestyle body with rear hinged "suicide" doors giving access to the rear "emergency" fold down seats.

Mazda recently introduced drive away pricing for the B-Series, this one, the DX Freestyle diesel manual goes for a not insignificant $38,935. But hey, it all comes off the tax.

  • Intercooled four cylinder diesel has plenty of performance, particularly strong mid-range, good on fuel.
  • First gear is way, way low and runs out of puff after just a squirt from a standstill. Low range is lower again.
  • Cruises happily at the speed limit, doesn't button off uphill even with a load on board.  
  • Engine is relatively smooth but makes a din – turn the (impressive) radio up.
  • DX misses out on electric mirrors, remote central locking, has no air bags – unforgivable in a vehicle at this price.
  • Ride is firm, bucks around on rough road unladen. Settles down with a few hundred kilos on board.
  • Tray is decent size even with the "four" door body.
  • Off road ability enhanced with chunky tread tyres, low range 4WD, has manual free wheeling hubs – just like the old days.
  • Plenty of ground clearance, limited slip rear diff. This thing goes anywhere – with a load and potentially four aboard.
  • Hate the under dash, pull out hand brake. Optional ute tray mat should be standard ute liner.
  • Turning circle is smaller than earlier models, now acceptable.
  • Like warranty choice, 2/unlimited or 3/100,000km. You choose.
  • Cabin is utilitarian, plenty of hard plastic, bit of style around instruments, aircon works a treat.
  • Not convinced about Freestyle doors, bit of a pain to use, front has to be open etc.

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