Small SUVs are undeniably all the rage at the moment.

The category – which basically didn’t exist 20 years ago – has become the focus of automakers worldwide, as they scrabble to capture the attention of a new generation of buyers.

Explore the 2019 Lexus UX Range

Premium brands are not exempted. We’ve seen new youth-focussed entries rushed to market from Audi with the Q2, Mercedes with the GLA, BMW with the X2, Land Rover with the Evoque and now, finally, Lexus.

Only this new Lexus, the UX, seems at odds with the brand’s traditional demographic of… well… baby boomers. 

As such, it looks decidedly more conservative than the Toyota C-HR with which it shares a chassis. Which raises the question – who is this car for exactly?

Lexus hopes it will bring a younger group to the brand, people who it hopes will be buying “their first entry into the luxury segment.”

So, does the UX have what it takes to bring a younger audience to the Lexus brand as a whole? I spent a week in the base UX200 to find out.