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RX 2020 first Lexus to get Apple CarPlay in Australia

The wait for Apple CarPlay in your Lexus is almost over

The wait for true phone mirroring in your Lexus is almost over, with the brand to roll-out Apple CarPlay in its newest models before the end of the year.

CarsGuide understands the incoming RX SUV will be the first to debut the popular technology - cementing a promise made by Lexus last year that its products would feature phone mirroring in 2019.

"It'll be 2019. What we're doing now is validation testing, and we'll release a schedule in terms of which cars get it first and the rollout plan, but 2019 is the plan for go live," said Lexus Australia's CEO Scott Thompson, speaking at the international launch of the UX crossover.

The RX, which is yet to be officially unveiled, is expected to arrive in Australia before the end of 2019, and while the brand is yet to officially confirm the news, it is understood Apple CarPlay will be part of that vehicle's standard features list.

In good news for other Lexus fans, the technology will then roll out on other new models as they arrive, though it's as-yet unclear as to whether a retro-fit solution will be offered for existing models.

'That's part of the testing and validation - to determine whether that's possible," said Lexus PR Manager, Nick Raman, in 2018. "That's being looked at. Part of it is seeing whether it can be backdated."

Mainstream sister brand Toyota is also expected to roll out the technology this year, with a Toyota spokesperson telling CarsGuide in April: "It's edging closer. I’m sure we’ll be making an announcement in the near future," a Toyota spokesperson told CarsGuide in April. "It's definitely under development, and we’ll have positive news to share with everyone soon."

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