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Porsche Macan Turbo 2014 Review

Doesn't matter which one you choose, even diesel Porsches are gonna be quick and the petrols are much quicker again.

Such is the case with the new Macan Turbo, a 3.6-litre, turbo petrol, fire breathing, premium, medium-size SUV. Back in the origin of the species, the Macan shares stuff with Audi's Q5 SUV but you wouldn't know.


Macan Turbo goes like the clappers despite tipping the scales at close to two-tonnes.

That's because it has a 294kW/550Nm V6 under the bonnet that pushes the muscular looking Porsche from 0-100kmh in 4.6 seconds - that's in the optioned up test car with Sports Chrono that turns up all Macan Turbo's sporty dials. Costs and extra $2,700 but is worth every cent.


The Macan Turbo 3.6 is top of the range with 3.0-litre V6 twin turbos beneath it in both diesel and petrol. The 3.6-litre engine is derived from the 3.0-litre petrol and features a bi-turbo system, variable cam timing and lift, direct fuel injection and staged ancillaries among a raft of performance and efficiency boosting technology.

In fact, the Macan Turbo is a technology showpiece on a number of fronts - the electronically controlled active all wheel drive system for example, the drive mode select system, thermal engine management, off road mode - yes, you can take this $122,400 baby off road if you must.

Drive goes to all four wheels selectively according to measured grip but principally to the rear axle.

A seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic handles gear change duties and offers a paddle shift on the wheel (not the steering column where it should be).

Nevertheless, the Macan Turbo is set up for sporty driving and when put to the task, is brain-snappingly good - even for an SUV.

It can be dialled in to full firm, near track spec or dialled back to full luxury comfort, fuel miser spec at the push of one or two of the many buttons on the dash and centre console.

We wouldn't put it on the track though because the tyres wouldn't last very long given the Macan Turbo's weight and performance capabilities.


It's equipped to luxury levels with premium audio, reasonably good connectivity though you have to reset the phone Bluetooth every time you start it up.

Climate control, reverse parking camera, adaptive cruise control with brake function, leather, fuel saving 'coasting' function, electric tailgate, all included.


But there are too many high priced options such as the 21-inch wheels at $4,190 and the torque vectoring system at $3,590. It quickly pushes the price skywards.

We suspect the standard Macan Turbo would be just as good to drive and look just as good. But apparently Porsche buyers love to tick the boxes...


In terms of running costs, the Macan Turbo is surprisingly good achieving about 9.0L/100km on premium unleaded.

It scores a Euro 6 emissions rating and gets a five star Euro NCAP crash rating.


This is what a Porsche is all about and we couldn't get enough of it. Even took it out after dinner for a quick blatt down the road.

Speaking of blatt - it sounds awesome - or makes no sound at all depending on how active your right foot is.

Punt it into some tight turns and the Macan Turbo rewards you with a neutral attitude, amazing grip and drive and pretty good steering. Feels weighty though. Lucky it has six-piston brakes - it needs them.

The interior is very flash with buttons left right and centre and a high tech ambience to the interior. The seats are comfy and hold you well through turns. 

Then you take it to do the shopping and it becomes a practical family tool with plenty of room inside for five and their luggage down the back, slightly compromised by the steeply sloping rear glass.

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