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Step inside TeamVodafone's V8 Supercar

Take a look at what’s under the skin of the TeamVodafone V8 Supercar Holden Commodore. Jamie Whincup lets us peel back the metal for a bare bones peek at the technology…

1. Rear spoiler (wing)
2. Wheels: Triple Eight Race Engineering designed AutoTek 8 spoke, 17-inch aluminium rim
3. Tyres: Dunlop control tyres
4. Centre-lock hub
5. Rear brakes: Alcon four-piston calipers with Alcon 343mm ventilated discs
  6. Front brakes: Control Alcon six-piston front calipers, cockpit adjustable front/rear bias. Alcon 375mm ventilated discs
7. Rear suspension: Triple Eight four-link w adjustable watts, cockpit adjustable rear anti-roll bar, coil over Sachs adjustable rear dampers
8. Differential: Triple Eight Race Engineering designed rear axle assembly


9. Pneumatic jack: (rear) lifts the car for tyre changes during pit stops
10. Communications antenna
11. Water cooler: Supplies cold water to driver’s suit
12. Seat: Racetech 9119 Carbon w 6-point mounting
13. Fuse and relay switch panel
14. Roll-cage: Crash protection
15. Steering wheel
16. Motec mini-dash display: Provides real-time data on key components and operations
  17. Gear-shift: For 6-sp Holinger Sequential gearbox
18. Driver’s ventilation ducting
19. Pedal hydraulics
20. Pneumatic jack: (front)
21. Front suspension: Triple Eight Race Engineering double wishbone with Sachs adjustable damper and cockpit adjustable front anti-roll bar
22. Front spoiler
23. Carbon-fibre dashboard
image   24. Fire bomb activator: In case of a fire emergency
25. Master and ignition switch
26. Anti-roll bar adjusters (front & rear): Adjusts car’s handling
27. Air intake: For cooling brakes
28. Alternator
29. Water pump
30. Radiator
31. Engine: 5-litre V8
32. Chassis
33. Hydraulics reservoirs: For clutch & braking system
image   Steering wheel
Gear change shift indicator
b. Motec mini-dash display screen
c. Leather grip
d. Headlight switch
e. Windshield wiper switch
f. Drink button
g. Hydraulic handbrake release
h. Alarm reset button
i. Scroll (for mini dash display)
j. Pit speed limiter
k. Mini-dash page selector
l. Fuel and brake reminder.


Triple Eight Race Engineering
5-litre V8
635 + BHP limited to maximum 7500rpm
120 litres
1355kg (category minimum without driver)
298km/h (185mph)
3.55 seconds
Motec and Freewave 900Mhz spread spectrum radio