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New cars at Australian Motor Show

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My Citroen C4 1.6 litre diesel is the greatest car I have ever owned.

I am getting 3.7 l/100km as average with over 1600 km to a tank. It is comfortable, it is beautiful. I just love driving it.

I doubt if the rest of the world will wake up to it though. It doesn't cost enough and isn't "hot" enough. It is my secret!

Ford 351 GT HO Phase III

John Sugar
Bugatti ROYALE at the Schlumpf Museum in Mulhouse France

Gordon Wadsworth
Lotus Exige would rate as the most seductively style car I've ever seen after the '88 series Pontiac Fiero.

plymouth prowler, any colour . the cars that chrysler are producing now.

Ross Whitby
A dark green new MX 5 with tan trim Fantastic

when I was a wee lad my dad took me to the Sydney motor show and the jaguar stand had an E type, Mark 10 and 3.8 litre mk 2 - I stood and gaped at this trio for what seemd like hours -

Sean McMartin
Ferrari Testarossa is the best car by far that I have seen. An amazing vehicle. There is just something special about it.

As nice as my Nissan NX is, the Ferrari Testarossa is a better vehicle.

1965 gt40

jason c
Best car I have seen?Just like most car enthusiasts,there have been many,but two stand head and shoulders above all the Ferraris,Porsches and Aston Martins etc.

One was a fully restored Lamborghini Miura SV that just happened to park next to my wife and I at Balmoral Beach.

Blood red with very 60's gold wheels,it's reputation as one of the worlds sexiest cars was well justified.(Many thanks to it's owner who "popped" the hood and let me take a few photos of his new pride and joy.He only picked it up the day before).

My other "best" car came to me on a holiday to England.

While in London,I dragged my long suffering wife down to the McLaren showroom to spend over a hour crawling over,under and in a silver McLaren F1.

The level of construction and build quality on the F1 makes Audi and Lexus look like Meccano sets.(No thanks to the extremly bored looking receptionest who just couldn't share my level of excitment)

Lamborghini Gallardo, that car just screams performance.

The Best cars in the Sydney motor show

1987 to last year 2005were my favorite Aston Martins. Others Bristish cars, European cars, Few Holdens & Fords.

Over the years I always enjoyed seeing new cars. Last year I enjoyed seeing the New Chryslers including new 300C which now I see 15% in the roads.