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Every Ford model on the table for Tickford tuning

The Trans-Am pack is one of Tickford’s most comprehensive offerings for the Ford Mustang.

Tickford is studying the potential to roll out more powerful versions of Ford products, with all models on the table for the aftermarket tuners.

However, the caveat is that there has to be a sustainable business case for Tickford Automotive, which commenced local operations in 2016 tuning Ford’s most popular models – the Mustang and Ranger ute.

Since then, the operation has expanded to offer tweaks for the Everest SUV and F-150 full-sized truck, but Tickford R&D manager Ash Campbell told CarsGuide that discussions had taken place about other models across Ford’s portfolio.

“I can actively tell you that it’s been across the boardroom table several times over the last couple of years,” he said.

“That’s something we are interested in moving into. But at the moment, the current climate says that Ford have made a couple of really big changes out there in their product line-up and we need to make sure that whatever we do offer the market that there is actually a market there for us to offer it to.

“We’d love to be doing [more models], we’re constantly looking at it, we’re constantly talking about it as a business, whether we actually come out and do that – or when we come out and do that – I can’t say.”

Tickford group commercial director Andrew Philpott added that models such as the Focus ST/RS and Fiesta ST might be too low volume for the company to pour resources into tuning.

“The thing is Focus RS, ST and Fiesta ST, they’re niche models,” he said.

“People who buy them tend to know the quality of the vehicle, they’ve had them before or they’ve experienced them before, they know exactly where they want to go.

“And our audience with Ranger is, you’re competing in a different space because we’re not the ARBs – we don’t pretend to be – so people who want to buy a commercial vehicle and make it different in terms of performance and/or aesthetics. Mustangs the same.

“Those cars (Focus ST/RS, Fiesta ST), we’ve had people come to us and look for tunes …. (but) it tends to be smaller, we wouldn’t go out and engineer our own exhaust system, for example.”

As for other models such as the Endura, Escape, discontinued EcoSport and incoming Puma, the brand says they are taking a wait and see approach to the consumer appetite before offering enhancement packs.

Tickford’s tuning packages for the Mustang start at $2000 for an ECU recalibration of the 5.0-litre V8, while a supercharger is also available from $16,990.

For the Ranger, style and power packs are on offer from $4990, while the sole $6790 power pack is available to the Everest.