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2015 HSV GTS Maloo | sold out

2015 HSV GTS Maloo

The supercharged HSV GTS Maloo has sold out before it officially goes on sale, Holden is trying to build more.
Holden has sold out of the world's fastest ute even though it is not yet officially on sale -- and not due to go into production until later this year. 
As reported exclusively by News Corp Australia last week, Holden Special Vehicles has told dealers it is preparing a supercharged V8 ute so that the Australian icon ends on a high note, and leaves a legacy that will last long after the factory in Adelaide closes in 2017. 
Dealers have told News Corp Australia the initial planned allocation of 150 cars is sold out -- despite the $85,000 price, the dearest ute ever to be sold in Australia -- and Holden is now scrambling to find a way to build more. 
Following our scoop last week the HSV GTS Maloo also made big news on social media and dealers reportedly sold out within 24 hours.
Holden and its performance car division both refuse to confirm publicly that such a car exists.
"We don't discuss future model plans," says HSV boss Tim Jackson.

But sources within the dealer network say Holden may build 50 to 100 more to keep customers happy -- and still retain the car's exclusivity. 
If 250 HSV GTS Maloo utes are built, they will still be more rare than the final Ford Falcon GT, of which 500 will be made, and more rare than the HSV GTS sedan, of which more than 1000 have been sold to date. 
One dealer who was allocated five cars says he has 16 signed orders; most other dealers we spoke to say they could have sold twice their allocation of two to four cars each.
No dealers would speak on the record because Holden and HSV have instructed them not to talk to media.
The previous generation HSV Maloo currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world's fastest ute after Holden racing driver Mark Skaife set an average top speed of 271km/h on the Woomera rocket range in 2006, defeating the previous title holders which were high-powered US pick-ups from Ford (237kmh) and Dodge (248km/h).