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Articles by James Lisle

James Lisle

James Lisle

Content producer

James Lisle (aka J3) likes all things cars.

Cynical and enthusiastic in equal measure, James loves to clamber into anything with a steering wheel and a decent amount of grunt.

Although it may seem the J3 glass is half empty on first acquaintance with a new ride, he maintains a balanced approach and will happily lose himself in technical details relating to even the most common, mass market models. Bore and stroke ratios, specific output stats, and thermal efficiency figures are his guilty pleasures.

Following the Bullitt special edition's Detroit motor show debut in...Read more

Let's be honest: ads suck. God, they suck. They suck so bad! In fact - if you're like me - there's a good chance that in the past half-hour you've thrown your phone into the wall because one popped up and wouldn't go...Read more
Bring up Tesla’s Autopilot to most people and they’ll probably think about the ' Minority Report' and ' i , Robot' . Autonomous cars often come off as a magical and illusive prospect, one that can imperceptibly guide...Read more
You may know the three brands as being synonymous with boxer or 'flat' engines, but there's actually plenty of other fish in that sea. It's not just Germany and Japan either, with Italy, France, and the US all having a...Read more
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Not to say that they’ve disappeared entirely, but 10 years ago they seemed to be one of the hottest bits of new engine tech on the market. Nowadays however, finding them on petrol-powered sports cars is a rarity. What...Read more
For many, micro cars are probably not top-of-mind when it comes to...Read more
If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered if Holden’s ‘Active Fuel Management’ system actually works. Because while cylinder deactivation technology sounds good in theory, there’s a difference between theoretical...Read more

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I know it might sound dumb - to hint that most Kombis are unique - but really, when was the last time you saw two look-a-like Kombis side-by-side? The iconic VW bus - like the Citroen 2CV, Ford Mustang, and Mini Cooper...Read more
Sounds dumb, I know. But apart from the presence of Vince Vaughn, the cliff scene in ' Jurassic Park: The Lost World' is just about perfect. While there are plenty of Hollywood blockbusters that feature really great car...Read more

Updated Tucson spotted in Europe during winter testing.

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You've bought a car, spent some dosh, and on your way to finishing your mods. Now what? One of the most awkward issues with car modifcation is that nobody seems to guide you once you've finished. After all, not everyone...Read more
Aquaplaning on the highway is a scary thing. First of all, there's the fact that so much is happening. Quickly. You don't know what that truck beside you is doing, if the guy up ahead is going to pull out, or whether...Read more
What's the best thing you've done for someone on Valentine's Day? Given them breakfast in bed? Dinner by candlelight? Sent a huge bouquet of flowers to their work in order to make their colleagues feel horribly dejected...Read more
As with most things in the world, you can always make something good even better. Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd have noticed by now that the newly revealed, performance-orientated Ranger Raptor has been...Read more
Let’s be honest - the Car Enthusiast is sometimes a difficult species to understand. They often like to hide away in their sheds in the drier days, only to come out once it’s raining; taking advantage of the slippery...Read more