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18 July 2018

Rather than blow $29k, this guy DIYed his Veyron oil change

By James LisleJames Lisle

Everyone knows how expensive it is to maintain a supercar, so why not save some dosh and do it yourself?

As shown by the Las Vegas-based Royalty Exotic Supercars channel on Youtube, completing something as simple as an oil change on a Bugatti Veyron is never going to be easy. Particularly if it has a Mansory carbon-fibre bodykit.

To access the 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 engine, the rear carbon-fibre bumper, air brake housing, and engine cover all need to be removed. That ain’t fun, or quick. And once you’re in the guts, you’ll need to take out a whopping 16 sump plugs to completely drain the dry-sump oil system.

According to the video, a factory service takes around 27 hours and $21,000 (AUD $28,500) to complete. Luckily this guy had two mechanics to speed things up.

Ironically, however, while the guy likely saved some dollars from doing the procedure himself, he’s almost certainly lost thousands from his resale value by missing a stamp in his service book. Sheesh.

Would you buy a second-hand, million-dollar Veyron that's been serviced by the owner? Tell us in the comments