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23 January 2019

Driving without shocks? It's bucking madness...

By James LisleJames Lisle
Modding your car to make it better is so 2018...

I'm not going to lie: I often think of doing stupid things to my car.

What would happen if I shoved popping corn up the exhaust? If I replaced the motor oil with canola? If I doubled the recommended tyre pressures? We all think of doing stupid things, but for the love of our machines (and the safety of others), we never do them.

Not MasterMilo82. He's a Dutch YouTuber famed for doing the most stupid and hilarious tests. All on junkyard scraps, thankfully. He's shifted into first gear at 90km/h and reverse at 100km/h, let the bonnet fly open at 120km/h, and used his car's engine coolant and wheel energy to 'power' a washing machine bolted to the roof.

He's fantastically insane. And this time, he's punctured a Ford Focus' shocks with an electric drill to see how it handles. For science, I assume...

What do you think he should do next? Tell us in the comments below