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Articles by James Lisle

James Lisle

James Lisle

Content producer

James Lisle (aka J3) likes all things cars.

Cynical and enthusiastic in equal measure, James loves to clamber into anything with a steering wheel and a decent amount of grunt.

Although it may seem the J3 glass is half empty on first acquaintance with a new ride, he maintains a balanced approach and will happily lose himself in technical details relating to even the most common, mass market models. Bore and stroke ratios, specific output stats, and thermal efficiency figures are his guilty pleasures.

Buying a used Tesla is an alluring concept. Why wouldn’t it be? You get to look cool without forking out big bucks. But should you? Because unlike regular cars that usually last for years and years on end, Tesla’s...Read more
Thanks to the Mazda Eunos Cosmo and Toyota Soarer in 1990 and 1991, you might’ve expected the first ‘proper’ in-car navigation system to be completely digitised. Not quite... Looking like something straight from ‘ Blade...Read more
Satellites? What satellites? All you need is a tape deck. As we all know from our experience with mobile phones and multimedia systems , technology has come a long way in the past decade. Particularly with cars. As you’...Read more
If you're like me, you might get a bit nervous when looking at a car with more than 180,000km under its wheels. Because, on top of all the regular maintenance, you might be spending more than you wanted on repairs...Read more
Head-up displays may seem like a recent innovation. But, surprisingly, the tech can be traced back to an all-female design team in the ‘50s. If you haven't heard of Harley Earl - one of the most influential automotive...Read more
Fiat might’ve launched its baby hatch over 10 years ago, but thanks to its...Read more
We’ve had a decent amount of experience with the Hyundai Kona, and for...Read more
If you’re going to take a car on a two-way trip to the outback, it needs to be in relatively good condition. Unsurprisingly, it needs to be theoretically worth more than $1000. As you'll see on CarsGuide's under $1000...Read more

The NSW state government is in the process of trialling autonomous...Read more

With the new Griffith's appearance at the London Motor Show, we take a look at some the brand's 72-year history. If there’s anything you should know about TVRs, it’s that they're mental. Truly mental. Like most English...Read more

They're not just good for the environment - electric cars have been...Read more

There are hardly any races like the upcoming Baja 500: a gruelling, 862km off-road rally that spears through two of Mexico’s most barren deserts. It's tough. Like the esoteric Baja 1000 and Paris-Dakar rallies, it’s a...Read more
Ever wondered how a run-of-the-mill Model 3 goes on a track? So have we. Let's be honest: the Model 3 has been getting a fair bit of stick since its inception. But this video shows that the baby Tesla gives as much as...Read more
Aston Martin is bringing back the 'V600' nameplate on the special-edition V12 Vantage. But do you remember the original? There’s an old term that hangs around in the dark: power tends to corrupt, and absolute power...Read more
You may have heard Lotus is planning an Espirit replacement for 2020. With backing from parent-company Geely, it should be pretty good. But c'mon - how could it beat 1990's awesome Lotus Carlton? Back in the day you...Read more
Despite almost widespread praise, there’s still a good chance the Mazda2...Read more
Sperm oil – the liquid wax refined from the head of a Sperm whale – was a highly sought-after automotive lubricant back in "the good old days”. Featuring above-average lubrication properties, a brilliant low-temperature...Read more

Jeep continues to tantalise us with camouflaged Wrangler ute...Read more

It's Subaru's 60th year as a manufacturer! Which means that, like the parents of a 21-year old, we get to go back and show you some of the most embarrassing cars from the brand. From beige geography teachers to graffiti...Read more