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11 October 2018

This driver walked away after his Mustang split in half

By James LisleJames Lisle

This won't be the first article to talk about the dangers of racing on any public road. And unfortunately, it won't be the last.

But we have to mention it: racing on the public road is stupid. You're risking your life, the lives of others around you, and chances are you won't be as insanely lucky as the driver of this modified foxbody Mustang.

Posted by 1320video on YouTube, the two-lane drag race starts off pretty normal. Loud cars, excited crowds, and loads of anticipation. Until the flag drops - and the Mustang's drag-spec tyres reject the road's un-prepped surface.

It's an accident you wouldn't expect anyone to survive. It's an accident you wouldn't expect anyone to survive.

Spinning out soon after launch, the Mustang's right B-.billar strikes a telegraph pole; shredding open the car's body like a tin of beans.

Remarkably, the driver - who wasn't even wearing a helmet - wasn't just alive, but was able to *walk away from the accident as well; leaving behind a barely recognisable pile of scrap metal.

While we're relieved he didn't injure any innocent bystanders, the video goes to show what happens when you make dumb decisions.

*The driver, while able to walk away, suffered missing teeth, and a broken jaw and shoulder as a result of the crash.

Have you got a lucky escape story? Tell us in the comments below.