Toyota LandCruiser Reviews

The Toyota LandCruiser is one of the best-known and most popular large 4WDs in Australia, thanks to a reputation for reliability and off-road ability. Launched locally in 1960, the LandCruiser first appeared as a fairly spartan, off-road tool. The LandCruiser was split into two distinct lines in 1967, with one remaining a no-nonsense and utilitarian, and the other pursuing a more luxurious, passenger-oriented design. These days, they’re known as the 70 Series and 200 Series respectively, with both still dedicated to the same principles as half a century ago. The 70 Series is available as a single cab and dual-cab chassis, as well as a wagon and the larger Troop Carrier wagon. The 200 Series is available as a large wagon-style SUV only, but ranges in specification from a comparatively basic off-roader to a luxurious Range Rover alternative.

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