Toyota Kluger 2011 Problems

No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Toyota Kluger 2011 reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Why does my 2011 Toyota Kluger turn off when I turn sharp corners?

Answered by CarsGuide 17 Jun 2021

It could very well be that there’s something amiss in the car’s ignition barrel (which lives on the steering column, remember) or its wiring and connectors that is causing the power to the ignition to be cut when you turn the wheel. The problem could also be a short-circuit somewhere in the wiring in the column (and there’s plenty of it) that is causing the problem. Either way, you need to get it fixed immediately, as having a car cut out when you least expect it is can lead to all sorts of extremely dangerous situations.

Another possibility is that there’s something wrong with the car’s power steering system which is overloading at the point you turn the wheel hard and causing the engine to stall. Again, it needs to be fixed now and I wouldn’t be driving the car anywhere other than to a workshop for diagnosis.

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Toyota Kluger 2011: Does it have a rear door sensor?

Answered by CarsGuide 2 Jun 2017

We contacted Toyota about your concern and a spokesman responded with the following: "We are very sorry to learn that your reader has experienced this accident. I can confirm that the power back door fitted to the 2011 Kluger indeed includes jam protection functionality, which reverses the direction of the door, should it detect an obstruction or resistance. Additionally, when the power back door is either opening or closing, the vehicle hazard lamps flash and an audible warning sounds, to notify the occupants and passers-by that the door is either coming up or down. During the final 330 mm (approx.) of the closing arc, the speed at which the back door closes reduces prior to engaging the lock mechanism. While the above safety features are built into the door mechanism, as with any automated function or technology, it is important that the operator ensures conditions are safe and appropriate at all times during usage. I hope your reader's son makes a full and speedy recovery."

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$15k car for 2 adults and 4 kids

Answered by CarsGuide 18 Jan 2016

Yes, definitely a secondhand Kluger is a good choice.

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Toyota Kluger 2011: Benefits of premium fuel?

Answered by CarsGuide 17 Nov 2011

Generally you can get better performance and better economy from running the higher octane premium fuels, but of course they cost more to buy, so you have to weigh up the benefits against the cost. I suggest you run a test using regular 91 fuel and then a test using premium and see for yourself.

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Toyota Kluger 2011: Should cruise control apply the brakes?

Answered by CarsGuide 24 May 2011

The brakes are never applied by the cruise; brake applications are one of the ways the systems disconnect. They use engine braking to control over-speeding, but there is a limit to what it’s able to do. When you reach a steep downhill section of road it’s best to disengage the system and take control yourself, changing down gears as needed to maintain safe control.

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