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2013 Nissan X-Trail
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2013 Nissan X-Trail Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Nissan X-Trail 2013 prices range from $8,999 for the basic trim level SUV X-Trail ST (fwd) to $19,999 for the top of the range SUV X-Trail TL (4X4).

The Nissan X-Trail 2013 is available in Regular Unleaded Petrol and Diesel. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the SUV 2.0L 6 SP Manual to the SUV 2.0L 6 SP Automatic.

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Nissan X-Trail Models SPECS PRICE
Adventure Edition (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $11,500 – 16,830
Adventure S.E. (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $11,500 – 16,830
ST (4X4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $10,000 – 15,070
ST (4X4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $9,300 – 13,970
ST (fwd) 2.0LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $7,900 – 12,210
ST (fwd) 2.0LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $7,800 – 12,100
ST Limited Edition (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $11,400 – 16,720
ST Limited Edition (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $10,600 – 15,620
ST Limited Edition (FWD) 2.0LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $9,900 – 14,850
ST Limited Edition (FWD) 2.0LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $9,100 – 13,750
ST-L (4X4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $11,300 – 16,610
ST-L (fwd) 2.0LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $9,300 – 13,970
Ti (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $12,200 – 17,710
TL (4X4) 2.0LDiesel6 speed automatic $12,500 – 18,040
TL (4X4) 2.0LDiesel6 speed manual $11,600 – 17,050
TS (4X4) 2.0LDiesel6 speed automatic $11,200 – 16,500
TS (4X4) 2.0LDiesel6 speed manual $10,600 – 15,510

Nissan X-Trail 2013 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Nissan X-Trail 2013 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Nissan X-Trail: Fuel consumption and oil changes

    The CVT oil should be changed every 100,000km. As for the fuel consumption it's best to do a check yourself by measuring how much fuel it is actually using. Judging the consumption by how far the gauge falls is very inaccurate, and I wouldn't stake my life on the fuel consumption gauges in the car. Do an actual measurement and you will know exactly what the consumption is. Nissan claims an average of 9.1L/100km, 7.7L/100km on country driving, and 11.5L/100km on city use. I would expect your car would fall somewhere between 9.1 and 11.5L/100km.

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  • Best used 7-seater under $15k?

    The three cars you name all have merit, none has any major issue to be concerned about and all fit your needs, but you will have to shop around to find them within your age and budget limits.

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  • Nissan X-Trail: Incorrect fuel consumption figures

    Nissan is correct when it says the fuel consumption figures shown on the windscreen sticker comes from a standard laboratory test and is aimed at giving buyers the chance to compare makes and models to select the most economical. The problem is that it doesn't reflect real life, and many things can affect real life fuel consumption. That the Nissan varies so much from the sticker number is a concern for anyone thinking of buying a car, and should be a warning to prospective buyers, of the Nissan and other makes to talk to other owners and get their perspective on it.

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