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2009 Nissan Navara
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2009 Nissan Navara Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Nissan Navara 2009 prices range from $9,800 for the basic trim level Ute Navara ST-R (4X4) to $29,990 for the top of the range Ute Navara Titanium Edition (4x4).

The Nissan Navara 2009 is available in Diesel and Regular Unleaded Petrol. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Ute 2.5L 5 SP Manual to the Ute 2.5L 6 SP Manual.

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Nissan Navara Models SPECS PRICE
DX 2.5LDiesel5 speed manual $6,500 – 10,010
DX (4X4) 2.5LDiesel5 speed manual $6,700 – 10,340
RX (4X2) 2.5LDiesel6 speed manual $7,400 – 11,440
RX (4X4) 2.5LDiesel5 speed automatic $10,000 – 15,070
RX (4X4) 2.5LDiesel5 speed automatic $9,400 – 14,190
RX (4X4) 2.5LDiesel6 speed manual $8,100 – 12,540
RX (4X4) 2.5LDiesel6 speed manual $9,500 – 14,300
RX (4X4) 2.5LDiesel6 speed manual $9,000 – 13,530
ST (4X4) 2.5LDiesel5 speed automatic $11,300 – 16,610
ST (4X4) 2.5LDiesel6 speed manual $10,800 – 15,840
ST-R (4X4) 2.5LDiesel5 speed manual $8,200 – 12,760
ST-X 4.0LRegular Unleaded Petrol5 speed automatic $8,200 – 12,760
ST-X 4.0LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $7,800 – 12,100
ST-X (4X4) 2.5LDiesel5 speed automatic $13,500 – 19,470
ST-X (4X4) 2.5LDiesel5 speed automatic $9,500 – 14,300
ST-X (4X4) 2.5LDiesel6 speed manual $11,000 – 16,060
ST-X (4X4) 2.5LDiesel6 speed manual $12,300 – 17,820
Titanium Edition (4x4) 2.5LDiesel5 speed automatic $12,600 – 18,260
Titanium Edition (4x4) 2.5LDiesel6 speed manual $11,900 – 17,490

Nissan Navara 2009 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Nissan Navara 2009 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Ask Smithy Xtra troublesome Navara ute

    We’ve had reports of clutch trouble with the D40, but we’ve also had reports of clutch failures on most one-tonne utes on the market. We haven’t heard of problems with timing chains or drive shafts. I wouldn’t get out of it on the basis of what you have experienced so far.

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  • Nissan Navara 2009: Broken air con

    I don’t buy the story that the problem is due to switching manufacturing from Europe to Thailand, they’ve been building D40 Navaras in Thailand for a couple of years now. The general rule of thumb was that manufacturers would maintain spares for 10 years after a model has left production, but with changes to the way they do things they appear to be cutting things very fine. I would keep the pressure up on the company, through the dealer and direct, and certainly have a solicitor send them a letter.


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  • Nissan Navara STX 2009: Chassis cracked by UHF aerial

    The treatment you have received is appalling. The idea that a UHF antenna fitted to the nudge bar could be enough to crack the chassis is laughable. If the chassis of the Navara is that weak then everyone driving one should be deeply concerned. Don’t repair it; Nissan should be doing that under warranty. The dealer seems to be on your side, so enlist his help in contacting Nissan. Nissan’s headquarters is in Melbourne, their phone number is 03 9797 4111.

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