Holden Cruze 2013 Reviews

Latest Holden Cruze 2013 Reviews

Holden Cruze SRi review

The Holden Cruze hatchback was largely designed in Holden’s...Read more

Nissan Pulsar v Hyundai Veloster v Holden Cruze

This trio adds spice to the suburban shopping trolley. Most of us have to...Read more

Holden Cruze Sportwagon CDX review

Wagon and sports are words as compatible as salad and tasty. But that hasn...Read more

Toyota Corolla Ascent vs Holden Cruze Equipe 1.8

Toyota Corolla Ascent and Holden Cruze Equipe 1.8 go head-to-head in this...Read more

New Holden Cruze review

It's no secret that the Mazda3 is Australia's best selling car....Read more

New Holden Cruze 1.6 review | first drive

Amid what promised to be a routine and unremarkable mid-life upgrade,...Read more

New Holden Cruze Sportwagon 2013 review

The wagon version of the Holden Cruze is much like buying real estate -...Read more

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