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Great Wall V240
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Great Wall V240 Pricing and Specs

2018 price from

The Great Wall V240 is available from $9,900 to $21,670 for the 2018 Ute across a range of models.

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Insurance Quote
Year Price From Price To
2018 $9,900 $21,670
2017 $9,600 $20,570
2016 $5,800 $11,770
2015 $5,400 $11,000
2014 $4,400 $9,900
2013 $3,800 $8,800
2012 $3,400 $7,920
2011 $2,600 $7,150
2010 $2,400 $5,390
2009 $1,850 $3,960

Great Wall V240 FAQs

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  • Great Wall quality problems

    Sales have nosedived because people have realised the quality problems. You're extremely unlikely to get any help from Great Wall on items that should have been fixed under warranty.

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  • Why is the gearshifter on my 2012 Great Wall V240 loose?

    These cars have a pretty terrible reputation of reliability over the longer term. Plenty of things seem to go wrong with them (almost certainly thanks to them being built down to a price) and parts supply seems a bit sketchy at times, too.

    A loose gearshift mechanism can certainly cause the problems you’re experiencing and a loose, or sloppy gear-stick can be the first symptom. Often it’s a simple case of adjusting the selector mechanism, other times you may need to replace a worn bush or bearing to restore the shifter to its original state. But if the shifter is worn or damaged, then selecting gears can become the problem you’re experiencing.

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  • Great Wall V240: Engine won't start

    A car that is reluctant to start first thing in the morning but then starts fine after that initial start-up could be a victim of worn engine internals. Specifically, if the valve guides or piston rings are worn enough, the engine may not have sufficient compression to fire up from dead cold. That fact that the engine got very hot at some stage is also a good way to damage things like piston rings and lead to the symptoms you’re describing. Pull-starting with, I presume, another vehicle can spin the engine faster than a starter-motor will, and for longer, and this could be enough to give the engine the encouragement it needs to fire up for the first time. Is the engine burning oil? Or blowing blue smoke? Both are signs of a worn out engine.

    Other possible causes are many and varied and include incorrect ignition timing, out-of-phase valve timing, poor fuel pressure, the cold-start enrichment mechanism not working or a range of sensors not playing the game. And plenty more.

    If your car was a V200, then I’d suggest that the diesel engine’s glow-plugs had failed, but the V240 was petrol only. But that in itself is interesting because the engine was more or less an older-design Mitsubishi built under license by Great Wall. As such, it’s a fairly simple old thing with not too much to go wrong.

    Perhaps there’s a clue in the fact that the doors lock themselves as soon as you’re on board. Maybe this has something to do with the body computer (that controls functions such as the central locking and immobiliser) which should perhaps be talking to the engine computer, but isn’t first thing in the morning. Do changes in the ambient temperature change the car’s habits? Is it harder to start on wet days? Is the tank full of very old fuel? All these things can have an effect on a motor that is a bit cantankerous to begin with.

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