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2009 Ford Ranger
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2009 Ford Ranger Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Ford Ranger 2009 is priced from $7,000 for Ute Ranger XL (4X4).

The Ford Ranger 2009 is available in Diesel.

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Ford Ranger Models SPECS PRICE
Wildtrak (4x4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $12,700 – 18,370
Wildtrak (4x4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $12,200 – 17,710
XL (4X2) 2.5LDiesel5 speed automatic $7,400 – 11,440
XL (4X2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $6,900 – 10,670
XL (4X2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $8,000 – 12,320
XL (4X2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $6,200 – 9,570
XL (4X2) 2.5LDiesel5 speed manual $5,800 – 8,910
XL (4X2) 2.5LDiesel5 speed manual $5,500 – 8,580
XL (4X2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $7,000 – 10,780
XL (4X2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $7,400 – 11,440
XL (4X2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $6,700 – 10,450
XL (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $7,800 – 12,100
XL (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $9,700 – 14,630
XL (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $9,900 – 14,850
XL (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $7,400 – 11,440
XL (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $8,300 – 12,870
XL (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $9,000 – 13,530
XL (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $9,300 – 13,970
XL (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $8,800 – 13,200
XL Hi-Rider (4x2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $6,900 – 10,670
XL Hi-Rider (4x2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $7,700 – 11,880
XL Hi-Rider (4x2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $6,200 – 9,570
XL Hi-Rider (4x2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $7,000 – 10,780
XL Hi-Rider (4x2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $6,500 – 10,010
XL Hi-Rider (4x2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $6,700 – 10,450
XLT (4X2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $9,900 – 14,960
XLT (4X2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $9,500 – 14,300
XLT (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $10,100 – 15,180
XLT (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $13,000 – 18,810
XLT (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $9,600 – 14,520
XLT (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $12,500 – 18,040
XLT Hi-Rider (4x2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed automatic $9,900 – 14,850
XLT Hi-Rider (4x2) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $9,400 – 14,190

Ford Ranger 2009 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Ford Ranger 2009 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Ford Ranger: fuel tank problems

    My information is that the 4x2 Rangers have a 63-litre tank and the 4x4 models have a 70-litre tank. It would seem odd, even unbelievable, that Ford would have the same part number for both tanks. If you read the small print contained in the brochures Ford, and other companies, issue you will find they include a disclaimer that says the company retains the right to discontinue or change the features, designs, colours, materials and other specifications of its products at its discretion. What that means is that the buyer should check the specifications before buying a vehicle. At least you now know the distance you can travel before needing to refill with fuel.

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  • Check Your Dealer

    The Mazda dealer is having a lend of you. The differences are mostly cosmetic and the engines are the same. Both come from Thailand, both were designed by Mazda. As for the dealer I would normally say avoid the Ford dealer because Ford's treatment of its customers, at dealer level and at company level, is appalling, but to say that would be unfair to those Ford dealers who do try to look after customers, and there are some out there. Clearly the Ford dealer is a better option for you so I would check with people who have dealt with that dealer and make your decision based on what they tell you.

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  • Can I drive my '09 Ford Ranger 4x2 on the beach?

    You could drive it on the beach, but it depends on the condition of the sand. If it’s hard packed you shouldn’t have any trouble, but if it’s soft you’re almost certain to get bogged. Best talk to the locals and get their opinion.

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