You are living in the future. Well, that’s obvious because I’m writing this on March 20, 2019 and the only way you could be reading it is if the current date is sometime after that – it could be days or years.

Either way, I hope you’re well and everything turned out fine. But what I mean is the Hyundai Kona Electric is the beginning of the future. This is Hyundai’s first fully electric SUV and it’s one of the first drops in what will be an electric vehicle downpour in the next couple of years.

As with any new technology early adopters will be disappointed by some aspects but amazed and ultimately won over by the benefits. Same goes for the Kona Electric.

Before I went to the Australian launch of the Kona Electric I ran a poll on our YouTube channel asking viewers what they most wanted to know about the small SUV.

The majority of people (by far) wanted to know about the Kona Electric's range on a full charge. This was followed by how much one costs and what features come on a Kona Electric.

All those questions have been answered below, plus more, including what it’s like to drive.