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Holden Caprice 2012 Review

The Holden Caprice LPG gets a 3.6-litre, twin cam V6 with vapour LPG injection good for 180kW/320Nm.

We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars as we ask the questions to which you want the answers. But there's only one question that really needs answering -- would you buy one?

What is it?

This is Holden's hire car special, the long wheelbase V6 Caprice on gas. There's petrol V6 and V8 as well. Caprice is the only long wheelbase Holden these days following the demise of Statesman. Boohoo.

How much?

The gas car sits in the middle of the Caprice price range at $64,490 plus on roads. That makes it about five grand under petrol V8 and a couple up on the petrol V6. But there's a $2000 rebate from the government when you buy one. It makes the LPG car hard to pass up especially with LPG running at around 65 cents a litre. Who cares if it drinks the stuff...still much cheaper to run than either petrol model.

What are competitors?

None. At the money, Caprice has the extra rear seat legroom turf all to itself. Maybe the Skoda Superb as a dark horse. Falcon is only in short wheelbase while the others are way more expensive.

What's under the bonnet?

It gets a 3.6-litre, twin cam V6 with vapour LPG injection good for 180kW/320Nm. Transmission is a six speed conventional automatic with active select (sequential shift) on the selector stick.

How does it go?

Much better than expected. Past experience with vapour LPG Commodores wasn't favourable — they were doughy. Holden has done something tricky here because the big, weighty LPG Caprice actually gets up when you want it too. It is close to the petrol in accleration feel and roll-on from higher speeds. The sound is a bit strangled because it's on gas and there's only one exhaust outlet.

Is it economical?

Not at an average of 14.2-litres/100km but when you are paying less than half the price of petrol for gas, it means you are theoretically looking at a (petrol) Caprice sipping 7.0-litres/100km — pretty darn good.

Is it green?

Marginally better than petrol.

Is it safe?

Gets the same five star crash rating as Commodore. ESP, multi air bags and the like.

Is it comfortable?

The ride is supple but controlled and it doesn't make much noise but there was a rumble at speed in the drivetrain we have heard before in Holden products and the seats make you arch your back in a slouch after a short time even with maximum lumbar adjustment. Bluetooth phone and audio, leather, excellent SUNA satnav, auto wipers and headlights, multi function wheel, fiddly touch screen. Overall, pretty good though.

What's it like to drive?

We had a somewhat jaundiced opinion before we drove the LPG Caprice — reluctant actually but that attitude changed pretty soon. It's good to drive, will even hunt with conviction around moderately fast corners but the brakes are a limiting factor.

Is it value for money?

Yes, nothing similar comes close.

Would we buy one?

No, still too young for one of these. Boot compromised with full size spare. Would be on the short list If we were in the hire car business.


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