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Citroen C4 SX Hatch 2005 review

No, not in the sense that pedestrians constantly want to get into it but something more profound.

The C4, rated at five stars in NCAP crash testing, is designed to minimise injury to pedestrians if the worst imaginable thing happens.

It does this by having a deep front bumper made of soft plastic with energy absorbing structures beneath and a large surface area to prevent pedestrians from going under the car.

A secondary benefit of the large surface area is a reduction in leg injuries.

The front mudguards are of flexible plastic and the bonnet is thin aluminium sheet with the engine and other hard parts located deep in the engine bay. The bonnet is at almost the same rake as the windscreen giving less of a blunt impact area for a pedestrian.

The recessed wipers are floppy and the mirrors fold out of the way. There is no protruding exterior aerial and the headlights are flush fitted with polycarbonate lenses.

In theory, all should work in concert to reduce injury but who would want to find out.

The car itself is great, good looking, well proportioned, roomy and practical. The 103kW, 2.0-litre, C4 hatch on test ($34 grand with auto only) is a five door bristling with innovative technology.

It takes a while to acclimatise to a translucent information panel, 360 degree park assist, an option full glass roof (the entire roof), steerable bixenon headlights that see around corners and an extremely clever fixed steering wheel hub with a large airbag and up to 10 electronic controls.

Engine performance is strong despite the four speed auto being a little off the pace in terms of reluctant down changes and holding gears too long. A five speeder would be better.

Handling is excellent characterised by flat cornering and direct steering. The ride is comfortable and the brakes are strong.

Fuel economy on test was impressive averaging around 8.0-litres/100km.

It's a stylish car inside and out and is pleasant to travel in. The funky interior follows no existing layout and is good to look at and easy to use. An MP3 player is incorporated into the audio system.

Remote control headlights, operated from the keypad are a real asset.

This car is up near the top of the C4 range and fittingly, ticks most of the boxes. The spare is full size.

C4 starts in price at $25,990 for the 1.6-litre hatch. It's worth a look.

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