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BMW M2 Pure 2016 review

Peter Barnwell road tests and reviews the BMW M2 Pure with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

Peter Barnwell road tests and reviews the BMW M2 Pure with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

BMW has produced plenty of impressive sports models but this M2 Pure is arguably the Bavarians' best road-going sportster, bar none. A big call? You bet.

When you let it loose, the M2 shifts to new heights on every dynamic front. Then there are the looks, feel, sound, standard kit and safety gear.


Six-speed manual only, the Pure is $89,100, or $10,000 less than the higher-spec seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

The Pure misses high-end Harman Kardon audio, powered and heated seats, adaptive headlights and some other bits and pieces. No big deal.

BMW's engineers seem to have combined comfort with control.

As it stands the Pure is generously equipped with leather trim, satnav, some driver assistance features — and a swag of go-fast parts lifted from other BMWs. The driveline, rear substructure and brakes are shared with the M3 (driveline, suspension, brakes, active rear differential), which is $50K dearer.


Ride comfort is good, given this is a short-wheelbase, firmly suspended car with a serious focus on going fast. BMW's engineers seem to have combined comfort with control.

The M2 is certainly not a beast to drive — on the contrary, it's a pussycat when you want it to be. Park it easily, taking care on the kerb not to scratch the wild, wide wheels or low-slung front apron. Some goodies may be missing but, in the case of the Pure, less is more.


The M2 hasn't been crash tested here yet but, as it has all the mainstream BMW safety kit, it would certainly get a five-star rating. Add the inherent safety that comes with such finely honed dynamics and you have a safe car that will get you out of trouble rather than merely help you survive a crash.


This is what the M2 is all about and it delivers driving pleasure in spades. Engine performance is blisteringly fast, accompanied by a mad-sounding exhaust scream at high revs complete with snap, crackle and pop when you throttle off.

The M2 Pure is an absolute treat.

Flat spots in power delivery? Non-existent. You only need to push the accelerator in the right gear and the M2, weighing 1495kg, rockets ahead.

Technology aids engine response, as it does for fuel efficiency — claimed at a mere 7.9L/100km — and the 0-100km/h sprint takes 4.5 seconds. Steering, brakes, chassis rigidity and everything else associated with sports handling is high end.

The M2 Pure is an absolute treat, especially on tight roads or on the track with an extra measure of fun from the rear-wheel drive.


As the best yet, it's highly desirable. Only a few hundred have been secured from Germany.

Is the M2 Pure the pinnacle of BMW's coupe lineup? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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