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Rare Holden heritage vehicles up for auction: First-ever VF Commodore on the block

The first Holden VF Commodore ever built is up for auction this month.

Eight highly significant Holden models have been listed on an online auction, including the first production VF Commodore.

Built in 2013, the first vehicle to roll off the VF production line was a Calais-V with a six-speed automatic transmission and Prussian Steel paint.

Now, the car has just 56 kilometres on the clock, and will be auctioned off with a starting bid of $30,000.

The Holden Heritage Auction will also include the last VE Commodore built, which is an SS-V with 13km on its odometer, and Chlorophyll Blue paint.

The build #001 Holden VFII Commodore Redline Motorsport will start at $65,000. The build #001 Holden VFII Commodore Redline Motorsport will start at $65,000.

Bidding for the V8-powered VEII will start at $45,000.

Among the listings is the first VFII Commodore Redline Motorsport, as well as the first VFII Commodore Director.

The Motorsport is number one of just 1200 built for Australia, and is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Both the Motorsport and the Director have travelled just nine kilometres since they were built in 2017, and will start at $65,000 when they hit the auction block later this month.

The 5.7-litre V8-powered CV8 Monaro will kick off at $40,000. The 5.7-litre V8-powered CV8 Monaro will kick off at $40,000.

Perhaps even rarer is the first V2 Monaro CV8 from 2001, with its famous two-door body style and 5.7-litre LS1 V8.

Painted in Flame Red, the Monaro shows 3742km on the odometer, and will open for bidding at $40,000.

The other three cars in the auction are significant for their achievements, like the Commodore VRII rally car that won the 1995 Round Australia Trial driven by Ed Ordynski and Ross Runnalls, and the 1990 Barina which was used for a world record economy run.

Last on the list is the oldest of the bunch, the 1980 VC Commodore that was driven around the country in 10 days by motoring writers Evan Green and Matt Whelan.

The Holden Heritage Auction is being conducted by CarsGuide sister brand Manheim.

The Holden Heritage Auction will begin at midday on Monday November 18, and will end at the same time on Friday November 22.