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Hyundai's N and N Line sales running hot as sporty i30, Kona, i20, Sonata and Tucson models account for more than a quarter of volume in 2022

Sales of Hyundai’s N and N Line models have jumped up significantly in 2022.

Performance-hungry Australians are flocking to Hyundai’s sporty N brand in 2022, with N and N Line sales so far accounting for 27 per cent of the Korean brand’s volume this year.

That’s a significant jump up from the one per cent of Hyundai sales just four years ago in 2018, but of note, only the i30 N and i30 N Line were available that year, with the latter rolled out in December as a replacement for the SR grades.

In 2019, the N and N Line range made up five per cent of overall volume, while in 2020 and 2021 that mix jumped to six and 17 per cent respectively.

Now, with N Line versions of the Kona, Tucson, i30 and Sonata in its arsenal, the sporty N Line range accounts for the lion’s share of interest in 2022.

All up, the N Line models account for 5089 sales so far in 2022, while the full-fat N cars (which include the i30, Kona and i20) make up 1162 sales.

This means 6251 N and N Line models have found new homes in 2022, and represents more than one in four of Hyundai’s 22,845 total sales so far after four months of trading.

The most popular N model this year is the i30 sedan with 358 sales, narrowly beating out the i20 N (351) and i30 N hatchback (330).

The Kona N, meanwhile, has amassed 123 new registrations so far this year.

Hyundai Australia PR senior manager Guido Schenken explained that the sedan’s current popularity is due to freer supply, and that the Korean brand is holding 890 back orders of the i30 N hatchback, and 750 orders of the i20 N.

In fact, Hyundai also has 370 back orders of the Kona N in the bank too, which outstrips the 330 orders it holds for the i30 sedan N.

Basically, don’t expect the WRX-rivalling i30 sedan N to end up as the best-selling Hyundai N model this year.

In 2021’s N sales tally, the i30 hatch accounted for 1467 out of the overall 1896 volume, with the updated version introducing an automatic option for the first time in August.

The i30 sedan N meanwhile, found 88 new homes in 2021, while 82 units of the Kona N were also sold last year. As for the i20 N, 259 new vehicles were also registered in 2021.

Of note though, the last three models didn’t arrive in showrooms until late in the year.