Holden VF Commodore highest tech

11 February 2013

Toyota might take issue with that one with its Hybrid Camry. New Commodore was unveiled at an event in Melbourne on Sunday and it will be the last locally developed Commodore going through until 2016. Any large car replacement from then on will be out as the US badged Commodore.

It will be exported in small numbers to the US to be sold as the Chevy SS sports sedan. Holden says the VF brings a host of new technologies that make it not only the best Commodore ever, but also one that is safer, more user-friendly and more fuel efficient.

They say it also brings new levels of luxury and refinement to the large car segment, with a sumptuous new interior to match its upmarket exterior. The car will be built at Holden Vehicle Operations in the Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth, South Australia.

It will also be more fuel efficient. Thanks in part to the Federal Government's grant of $39.8 million through the Green Car Innovation Fund, it features lightweight aluminium panels along with other fuel saving features such as electric power steering and is more aerodynamic than the current VE Commodore.

Among its many new technology features are some significant safety and driver friendly elements. Convenience features include Auto Park Assist on all models, where the driver operates the pedals but the car effectively parks itself. VF also gets the latest version of Holden's innovative MyLink infotainment system and keyless entry and start.

Available safety features include Reverse Traffic Alert, which warns of vehicles passing when reversing out of spaces, Blind Spot Alert, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning and a Head-Up Display, which projects vital safety information such as the car's speed directly onto the windscreen.