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Audi reveals e-tron scooter

Audi has unveiled the e-tron scooter, its answer to Peugeot’s electric bike and BMW’s E-Scooter.

Combining an electric skateboard and scooter, the four-wheeled concept is Audi’s response to the growing trend towards multi-modal mobility.

Fitted with LED head-, tail-, brake- and daytime running lights, the user can adjust the ride characteristics through a a Bluetooth system, which also acts as an anti-theft device.

Acceleration and braking are taken care of a twist grip on top of the handlebar, while changing direction is done by the rider shifting their weight, much like a skateboard. 

The battery is stored in the steering handle with a display showing the battery status.

On a full charge, the e-tron scooter has a range of 20km, which is helped by a regenerative braking system, and can reach a top speed of 20km/h.

Slated to go on sale in late 2020, European pricing will be around €2000 (AUD$3323) and it may also be offered as an optional extra to customers who purchase any Audi e-tron model.

There’s no word yet if the scooter will be coming Down Under.

Would you rather Audi’s e-tron scooter or Peugeot’s electric bike? Let us know in the comments.