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2022 Isuzu D-Max and MU-X price and features: Ford Ranger and Everest rivals are now more expensive to buy with costs up by as much as $1600

The cheapest Isuzu MU-X is now $48,900 before on-road costs, making it $1000 more expensive than before.

Bad news if you’re thinking about buying an Isuzu D-Max ute or MU-X SUV, because the Japanese brand is the latest to pass on the price rises caused by the global supply chain crisis.

The company cited “various market driven factors including but not limited to increasing production related costs, and international and domestic transport and logistics costs”, which means it follows the lead of several other brands in passing on the increased production costs to customers.

However, the good news is, if you’ve already ordered either model before the end of March, even if it arrives later this year, you’ll get it for the original price. 

"The constantly-shifting global situation affecting production, transport and logistics costs has driven the need to increase pricing across the 22MY D-MAX and MU-X range—but this decision was not taken lightly with all options deeply considered," explained,Koichiro Yoshida, Isuzu Ute Australia's Director of Sales and Marketing.

"Regardless of an order status—whether it be in transit or planned for production—IUA guarantees the price protection on all confirmed orders taken before the end of March."

There are no changes to performance or specifications but prices have increased between $1000 and $1600 depending on which model variant. Check out the table below for full details.

2022 Isuzu MU-X pricing before on-road costs

LS-M 4x2$48,900 (+$1000) 
LS-U 4x2$53,900 (+$1500)
LS-T 4x2$61,400 (+$1500)
LS-M 4x4$54,900 (+$1000)
LS-U 4x4$61,400 (+$1500)
LS-T 4x4$67,400 (+$1500)

2022 D-Max pricing before on-road costs

SX Single Cab Chassis 4x2 Manual 1.9L$32,200 (+$1000)
SX Single Cab Chassis 4x2 Automatic 1.9L$34,200 (+$1000)
SX Space Cab Chassis 4x2 Automatic$39,700 (+$1000)
SX Crew Cab Chassis 4x2 Automatic$42,700 (+$1000)
SX Crew Cab Ute 4x2 Automatic$44,200 (+$1300)
LS-U Crew Cab Ute 4x2 Automatic$53,000 (+$1600)
SX Single Cab Chassis 4x4 Manual$42,200 (+$1000)
SX Single Cab Chassis 4x4 Automatic$44,200 (+$1000)
SX Space Cab Chassis 4x4 Manual$45,700 (+$1000)
SX Space Cab Chassis 4x4 Automatic$47,700 (+$1000)
SX Crew Cab Chassis 4x4 Manual$48,700 (+$1000)
SX Crew Cab Chassis 4x4 Automatic$50,700 (+$1000)
LS-M Crew Cab Chassis 4x4 Automatic$53,800 (+$1000)
LS-U Crew Cab Chassis 4x4 Automatic$59,500 (+$1300)
SX Crew Cab Ute 4x4 Automatic$52,200 (+$1300)
LS-M Crew Cab Ute 4x4 Manual$53,300 (+$1300)
LS-M Crew Cab Ute 4x4 Automatic$55,300 (+$1300)
LS-U Space Cab Ute 4x4 Automatic$58,000 (+$1600)
LS-U Crew Cab Ute 4x4 Manual$59,000 (+$1600)
LS-U Crew Cab Ute 4x4 Automatic$61,000 (+$1600)
LS-U+ Crew Cab Ute 4x4 Automatic$63,500 (+$1600)
X-Terrain Crew Cab Ute 4x4 Automatic$67,500 (+$1600)