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2016 BMW M4 GTS sells out before it arrives

Twenty-five lucky Australians are about to be introduced to the virtues of water injection.

BMW has resurrected the technology, which was used on B-52 bombers in the '50s and Saab turbos in the '70s, for its new $295,000 M4 GTS.

Those fortunate few will be happy to learn the GTS, with 368kW on tap, can rip from rest to 100km/h in just 3.8 seconds on its way to 305km/h, earning it a place among the world's great performance cars.

"This is our way of demonstrating what is possible with a road-legal vehicle today," says BMW M division boss Frank van Meel.

Optioned up with M's track gear, he says, it becomes "a sports car radically designed for superior dynamics and breathtaking performance on the racetrack."

More powerful than the standard M4 and 30kg lighter, the GTS has been hailed as a spiritual successor to the great M3 CSL, built between 2000 and 2006.

They're hardcore BMW collectors who basically ordered it without knowing the price.

Water injection enables the M engineers to boost the six-cylinder twin-turbo's output from the standard M4's 317kW and to ramp up peak torque from 550Nm to 600Nm.

The injection setup was trialled on the BMW M4 used as the safety car in last year's MotoGP events.

It draws water from a 5L reservoir in the boot and sprays it into the air intake collector, helping to reduce combustion chamber temperatures by about 25 degrees and making the process more efficient. Most of the cars will find homes on the east coast of Australia.

BMW's Adam Davis says: "There's a lot of exclusivity around this car. They're hardcore BMW collectors who basically ordered it without knowing the price."

Weighing 1510kg, the GTS uses carbon-fibre reinforced plastic panels and components — roof, bonnet, front splitter, rear diffuser and wing. The splitter and wing adjust to vary downforce and suspension settings can be tailored.

It packs a titanium exhaust, ceramic brakes and lighter alloy wheels in staggered sizes. Race-style bucket seats and lightweight interior trim reduce weight, while carbon compound wheels, $21,560 for the set, trim another 7kg. Four buyers have gone for the wheels.

If this is not enough, the GTS can be fitted with a street-legal Race Package as a no-cost option, adding a half roll-cage, six-point racing harness and fire extinguisher. All but two of the 25 buyers have chosen this.

Deliveries start in September.

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