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Should i buy a musso

I HAVE a 1995 Rodeo DLX 4x4 2.8 turbo diesel ute. I have looked at the new Rodeo equivalent, but at $50,000-odd consider it out of my reach. I recently test-drove the SsangYong Musso Sports. It looks good and drives beautifully. Have you some thoughts on it?

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
16 September 2004

I DROVE the Musso a few months ago and thought it was good value for money. The diesel, a Mercedes-Benz unit built by SsangYong under licence, is quite smooth with enough power. The finish seemed good, and it was certainly capable off-road. Based on feedback from the trade the old Musso 4WD wagon, really the same as the ute apart from the body, is reliable and highly thought of. I can recommend it.