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Shocking discovery

ABOUT eight months ago I bought a 1999 Land Rover Discovery. It was in good condition, was well presented and had only 120,000km on the odometer, which is low for a 1999 model. I bought it from a major dealer who assured me the reading was genuine, but when I gave the car a major internal clean I discovered that the instrument cluster was loose. On investigation I found the screws holding the cover in place were missing, so I now suspect the odometer may have been tampered with. I have not done any further investigation. The only way to check the instruments is by dismantling. If I touch it I will lose any proof. How should I proceed?

YOUR mileage is about average for a 1999 model car rather than low, so I wouldn't be too concerned that it's been tampered with. If you are concerned you should be able to get a guide as to the way the odometer has been climbing by looking at the dates and odometer readings of past services. By law the dealer is required to keep a record of the odometer reading when the vehicle came into his possession. You could also ask for the details of the previous owner and check with them.