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Outback or Sportage?

I'm looking to replace an AWD Ford Territory I've had for 10 years, and I would like one that was a fraction smaller, and more fuel-efficient. I'm also interested in safety features like autonomous braking, as well as comfort. I definitely want AWD, and definitely not a diesel.
The Kia Sportage looks very good, but it's a little over $43,000 for the Platinum model, which has all of the good safety gear, and a sunroof. For a little less, I could get a Subaru Outback Premium, which also has everything and also seems to be a very good car, but loses points for its 6 monthly servicing and shorter warranty. What do you recommend?

Both are very good cars, they're well designed, well built and reliable. The Outback is the more fuel-efficient of the two, but it has a CVT auto where as the Sportage has a conventional automatic. You should drive the Outback to see if you like the CVT before making your final decision. Clearly the more frequent servicing of the Subaru means its running costs are slightly higher, and the shorter warranty could have an impact later on. It's a line-ball decision, but for mine I would probably go for the Kia.