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Phil Bortnoski ASKED THE GUIDE

Hot hatch or sports sedan?

I'm having a mid-life crisis and I'd like to trade up to something a little more exciting than my 2015 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport. Many years ago I had an LX Holden Torana V8 and I'd like something similar today, perhaps a new HSV Clubsport V8, VF SSV Redline or VF Calais V8. A friend suggested a Calais, but are they an old man's car? What would you recommend I buy?

Years ago when you owned your Torana it was considered something of a performance car, as the Clubsport, SSV and Calais are today, but there are many other ways of getting your driving thrills today without having to go for a V8. Some of the hot hatches now available would give you all the thrills, and more, than the big-bangers of old. Take a test drive in a VW Golf GTi or one of the fast Ford Focuses and I'm sure you'd rethink your choice. All the cars you mention, the Clubsport, SSV and Calais are good cars with plenty of grunt, the V8 sound, and the comfort of a big car. For mine though I'd be going for a hot hatch.