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John Kalessoglou ASKED THE GUIDE

A5 slow to accelerate

My 2014 Audi A5 1.8 TFSI front-wheel drive is extremely sluggish at take off, so much so that it feels dangerous in certain situations, i.e. roundabouts. The dealer assures me that this is normal, but I'm not too sure. Even with auto-stop switched off, there is a distinct lag from the time I press the accelerator until the time the car actually starts moving. Once it starts moving it is fine. Any thoughts?

From your description I would agree with you that it doesn't appear normal, although road testers talk of mild turbo-lag at takeoff. Mild turbo lag doesn't seem to equate to extremely sluggish, but it would be worth your while to drive other similar A5s to get a feel for them as well. Perhaps your dealer might be able to arrange for you to drive a demonstrator.