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Is it costly servicing an Audi in Australia?

I am planning to buy a used MY13, 15, 15 or 16 Audi A5 hatchback somewhere in range of $32,000-$36,000. The km will be 60,000-150,000. I love the Audi brand, especially S-Line A5 Quattro but I have heard that it is costly to maintain Audi cars. If the car were almost new would I need to change parts or repair it other than oil service and air filter etc.? Is it worth buying an A5, or is the service and maintenance cost too high to justify?

Servicing a European car like the Audi generally costs more than one from Asia, for instance, but you shouldn’t have anything to worry about providing you service it as per Audi’s recommendation. To save a little on the cost of service, and often also on parts, you could have it serviced by a specialist Audi mechanic.