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2012 Volkswagen Passat
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2012 Volkswagen Passat Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Volkswagen Passat 2012 prices range from $8,967 for the basic trim level Sedan Passat 118 TSI to $21,990 for the top of the range Wagon Passat 125 TDI Highline.

The Volkswagen Passat 2012 comes in Sedan, SUV and Wagon.

The Volkswagen Passat 2012 is available in Premium Unleaded Petrol and Diesel. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Sedan 1.8L 7 SP Auto Direct Shift to the Wagon 2.0L 6 SP Direct Shift.

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Volkswagen Passat Models SPECS PRICE
118 TSI 1.8LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $8,800 – 13,200
125 TDI Highline 2.0LDiesel6 speed $10,900 – 15,950
CC 125 TDI 2.0LDiesel6 speed $12,800 – 18,590
CC V6 FSI 3.6LPremium Unleaded Petrol6 speed $16,900 – 23,540
V6 FSI Highline 3.6LPremium Unleaded Petrol6 speed $14,400 – 20,350


Volkswagen Passat Models SPECS PRICE
Alltrack 2.0LDiesel6 speed $12,200 – 17,710


Volkswagen Passat Models SPECS PRICE
118 TSI 1.8LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $9,900 – 14,850
125 TDI Highline 2.0LDiesel6 speed $11,400 – 16,720
V6 FSI Highline 3.6LPremium Unleaded Petrol6 speed $14,900 – 21,010

Volkswagen Passat 2012 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Volkswagen Passat 2012 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • 2012 VW Passat short tyre life span

    We contacted VW on your behalf and asked them to check into your concern. The report we received back from VW was that while the wear does seem unusually excessive for such low mileage it appears that you were not forthcoming on the state of the vehicle, that it had sustained some minor damage, which may have contributed to the excessive tyre wear. If you feel that VW has not provided you with a satisfactory outcome you could consider action under consumer laws.

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  • What is causing my '12 VW Passat to shudder in first and second gear?

    The most likely cause of the shudder are the clutches, which probably need to be replaced. It doesn't mean you will have long-term issues with the gearbox, but you could be up for replacing the clutches regularly.

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  • Volkswagen Passat 2012: What does the flashing wrench indicator mean?

    Hi Chloe, the wrench symbol is the service indicator light on this generation of Passat. I would take the car to your nearest licenced mechanical repairer and have them read the fault codes logged in the ECU, which is basically your car’s brain. Basically, when a part of your car stops working properly it sends an error message to the ECU, which has an error code it can display when the mechanic plugs their scan tool into the computer. This model Passat had an issue where the service light would come on, requiring the ECU’s software to be updated by the dealer. I’d take the car in and see what error codes come up as the first job.

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