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Volkswagen Passat 2012: What does the flashing wrench indicator mean?

A flashing wrench has appeared in my 2012 Volkswagen Passat where the gear selected is indicated (i.e. DN etc.), it only comes on once the car is warn and has been driving for a while. What does it mean?

Iain Kelly ANSWERED BY Iain Kelly
13 December 2019

Hi Chloe, the wrench symbol is the service indicator light on this generation of Passat. I would take the car to your nearest licenced mechanical repairer and have them read the fault codes logged in the ECU, which is basically your car’s brain. Basically, when a part of your car stops working properly it sends an error message to the ECU, which has an error code it can display when the mechanic plugs their scan tool into the computer. This model Passat had an issue where the service light would come on, requiring the ECU’s software to be updated by the dealer. I’d take the car in and see what error codes come up as the first job.