Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel Problems

Toyota Land Cruiser 2004: Can you put a turbo diesel kit on the engine?

Answered by CarsGuide 8 Feb 2019

There are kits available for your Landcruiser. You best bet is to talk to a local diesel engine mechanic to find out the best kit for your application.

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What's a fuel efficient SUV on the market?

Answered by CarsGuide 20 Nov 2017

I don’t believe that what you want is out there, and can only reiterate past advice, buy a Patrol/Pajero/Prado/LandCruiser.

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Toyota LandCruiser: service intervals

Answered by CarsGuide 4 Jan 2016

I’ve done some digging and Toyota has always had 10,000km service intervals, which can be annoying despite value in the capped-price servicing. Company spokesman Mike Breen says if you have a “doctored” service book he would be keen to investigate for you.

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Toyota Land Cruiser: Replacing a fuel filter

Answered by CarsGuide 14 Dec 2015

Toyota Australia spokesman Stephen Coughlan says a filter change is part of the 40,000km service. He also says the most likely cause of your problem is dirty fuel, which is common in remote areas, and agrees a spare filter is a good precaution for any vehicle tackling a long run in the Outback.

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Toyota LandCruiser: warranty affected by aftermarket parts?

Answered by CarsGuide 24 Nov 2014

Warranty coverage on all brands is compromised when you move away from standard equipment. You might believe something will enhance a vehicle but, because it is not developed and tested to warranty standards by the manufacturer, they will not give coverage.

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Toyota LandCruiser: vibrating at higher speeds

Answered by CarsGuide 4 Jan 2013

I wouldn't be doing the fuel pump and injectors; it doesn't seem likely that that will solve the problem. I would be focusing on the drive side of the vehicle, I reckon it's a vehicle speed related problem, perhaps a wheel bearing.

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Toyota LandCruiser: sent into limp home mode

Answered by CarsGuide 13 Jul 2012

The computer is detecting a problem and sending the car into limp home mode, which explains the lack of power when it happens. Turning the ignition off and restarting it resets the computer, so it will drive normally. It's not possible to say what is causing the problem, but it's likely to be a sensor, perhaps the oxygen sensor, or an electrical connection.

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Nissan Patrol 2004: Is petrol or diesel better?

Answered by CarsGuide 15 Mar 2011

You’re buying a high mileage car so be careful to check the condition of the engine and driveline and walk away if there’s any suspicion they’re close to worn out. There’s little difference between the Landcruiser and the Patrol, but avoid the 3.0-litre turbo diesel Patrol as it has engine issues.

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Toyota LandCruiser: black smoke on acceleration

Answered by CarsGuide 15 Mar 2011

It’s not normal to get black smoke under acceleration, that suggest it’s being over-fuelled and should be looked into. Aftermarket chips can be worthwhile, but they generally take the engine closer to the limit than does the factory chip, so you need to find an installer who can be trusted to do the job well. I wouldn’t do it on your car until the warranty runs out, and then consider it.

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Toyota LandCruiser: will the engine wear out?

Answered by CarsGuide 1 Mar 2011

All engines wear out in time, whether they are running lightly loaded or operating under a heavy load. There is no reason to believe the Landcruiser engine would wear out faster if it weren’t run under load, as the mechanics have suggested.

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