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19 October 2017

This Integra isn't just LS-converted, it's mounted sideways!

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk
How does this fit in the engine bay? Is this a magic trick? (image credit: Ryan Standke)

A front-wheel drive V8 sports car? How crazy can you be?

Mad man. This is the simplest way of describing the owner of this Honda Integra DC5 (Acura RSX in the USA).

Ryan Standke, has somehow managed to swap a 5.3-litre LS4 V8 into his small coupe and amazingly, the car still uses it's FWD layout meaning the engine has been mounted transversely.

100% chance of understeering into a tree while driving. (image credit: Ryan Standke) 100% chance of understeering into a tree while driving. (image credit: Ryan Standke)

To take this project to another level there is also a whopping Garett 80mm T6 turbo sitting in the engine bay. How everything fits so cleanly under the bonnet we have no idea, but Ryan's clearly employed Tardis technology.

Connected to the V8 is a manual gearbox as Ryan refused to use an auto.

When this car first hit the internet close to a year ago, the turbo was just being installed, nothing had been wired up and the car in general was a bit of a mess.

However, now the build is edging closer to completion and Ryan is hoping to achieve a power output of 850hp on low boost.

Ryan’s original plans for the car was to transplant a Honda J-series V6, yet was convinced by a friend to do an LS swap instead.

The LS4 V8 was specifically desgined to be fitted transversely on a front-wheel drive car. In fact, a selection of mid to late 2000s GM products such as the Buick LaCrosse Super, Chevy Impala SS, Monte Carlo SS and Pontiac Grand Prix GXP all came from the factory with this engine and layout.

What’s the biggest engine you've seen fitted to a front-wheel drive car? Let us know in the comments.