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20 February 2019

Master Milo demonstrates the uselessness of square wheels

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

If you know of Master Milo, you’ll know this Dutch bloke is possibly the craziest car scientist in the world.

In a series he calls ‘useless experiments’, Master Milo does things that no-one else would have the balls to do, like drive a car without shock absorbers, or shifting into reverse at 100km/h.

His latest experiment involves replacing rubber tyres with metal pipes welded into squares on an Opel Corsa B (Holden Barina).

That looks incredibly comfortable. (image credit: Master Milo) That looks incredibly comfortable. (image credit: Master Milo)

Why? Most likely for the LOLs.

As you can imagine they weren’t very affective, Milo couldn’t even get out of first gear without losing momentum.

Wheels are round for a reason, just watch Mythbusters attempt at square tyres.

What experiment should Master Milo do next? Let us know in the comments.