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23 May 2018

Hoonigan's 750cc powered golf cart is what PGA golfers need

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

Golf carts can be a whole lot of fun but this one is borderline crazy.

The team at Hoonigan seem to have no limits when it comes to modifying anything, and recently the guys have engine swapped a golf cart.

Underneath the seat you’ll find a two stroke, 750cc engine to help golfers get from hole to hole quicker.

In fact, disc brakes and wider tyres have been fitted to handle the extra power.

The cart has also been kitted out with a stereo system and a JPS inspired livery.

And the cherry on top? This golf cart can turn rubber into atomised particles. Exactly what the golfing world needs.

What engine would you try to fit into a golf cart? Let us know in the comments.