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2007 Nissan X-Trail
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2007 Nissan X-Trail Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Nissan X-Trail 2007 prices range from $2,990 for the basic trim level SUV X-Trail ST (4X4) to $12,990 for the top of the range SUV X-Trail Ti (4x4).

The Nissan X-Trail 2007 is available in Regular Unleaded Petrol. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the SUV 2.5L 4 SP Automatic to the SUV 2.5L 6 SP CVT Auto Sequential.

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Nissan X-Trail Models SPECS PRICE
ST (4X4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $4,100 – 6,710
ST (4X4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $3,900 – 6,270
ST-L (4X4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $4,600 – 7,480
ST-L (4X4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $4,300 – 6,930
ST-S X-Treme (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol4 speed automatic $4,000 – 6,490
ST-S X-Treme (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol5 speed manual $3,700 – 6,050
Ti (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $5,300 – 8,140
Ti (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $5,000 – 7,700
Ti-L (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol4 speed automatic $5,000 – 7,700
Ti-L (4x4) 2.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol5 speed manual $4,500 – 7,260

Nissan X-Trail 2007 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Nissan X-Trail 2007 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Space required

    MY CHOICE would be the X-Trail, but there's not a lot to choose between the two. I would expect a dealer would offer you about $6000 on a trade-in for your Vectra assuming its in good sound condition. The kilometres are about average, so it seems like a car in the sort of condition you would expect for its age.

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  • Not so happy trail

    CARMAKERS publish fuel-economy figures based on a standard test; they're intended to be used for comparison purposes so buyers can determine which car is more fuel-efficient. Because they're taken from a dynamometer test, they don't necessarily relate to real-world fuel economy. The best thing you can do is to review all of the things that can affect fuel economy, such as driving style, speed, hilly terrain, tyre pressure and roof racks -- and make adjustments to minimise their effect. That said, the Nissan X-Trail is one that is often complained about by Carsguide readers and some have resorted to LPG to fix the problem.

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  • Nissan X-Trail 2007: Overheating issues

    The fan only comes on when the temperature reaches a certain point under normal running, but always runs when the AC is turned on. It could be the thermostat sticking, but I would be getting a mechanic to pressure test the system first.

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