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Holden Spark
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Holden Spark Pricing and Specs

2019 price from

The Holden Spark is available from $8,400 to $17,600 for the 2019 Hatchback across a range of models.

You might recognise it as a Barina, but Holden dropped that part of the name as part of a re-brand when it launched its new model, now simply known as the Holden Spark. Designed and built in Korea, Holden’s Australian team had input into its design, while Holden's Aussie engineers tweaked the suspension and steering for Australia's road surfaces after significant testing at the company’s local proving ground. As a result, the little Spark is among the most dynamic city cars, and at $8,400, one of the cheapest. The range extends from the base Spark LS (5YR) and caps off at the Spark LT (5YR), which is priced at $17,600.

The ride sails toward the firm side of the spectrum (but not enough to bother you over inner-city ruts and bumps) which translates to a sorted, flat feeling through bends.


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Insurance Quote Car Finance Quote
Year Price From Price To
2019 $8,400 $17,600
2018 $7,500 $15,730
2017 $7,000 $14,740
2016 $6,500 $13,750

Holden Spark FAQs

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  • Is the Spark CVT a good transmission option?

    In a word, don’t take any notice of the dealer telling you the CVT is troublesome, he’s only trying to put you off and get you to sign up for his car. The CVT is new to the 2016 Spark, so there’s been to time for it to acquire a reputation for trouble. Everything suggests the Spark is a good car.

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  • Where can I find the colour number for the paint on my 2017 Holden Spark?

    Open the bonnet of the car and find the build plate. It will probably be attached to either the firewall or the suspension tower. The plate is a small, metal plate that lists information such as the car’s model, build number, its engine details, trim code, the build date and the colour code. This information can then be given to a paint shop and the correct colour brewed up to make for a perfect colour match for repairs and touch-ups.

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