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Ford Territory
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Ford Territory Pricing and Specs

2017 price from

The Ford Territory is available from $27,600 to $54,890 for the 2017 SUV across a range of models.

Every bit as Australian as the Falcon or Commodore - though perhaps not as iconic - the Ford Territory was launched in Australia in 2004 and quickly struck a chord with SUV shoppers. Available from $27,600 to $54,890 for the Territory TX (RWD) and Territory Titanium (4x4) models respectively, the Territory is a five- or seven-seat hauler that competes in the large SUV segment against the likes of Jeep's Grand Cherokee and Toyota's Kluger. Or should that be did compete? The Territory is an innocent victim of Ford's demise in Australia (or the demise of its local manufacturing operation, at least), and so the well-received 2016 update was also the last, with the popular SUV to be replaced by an Australian version of the American-sourced Ford Edge.

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Year Price From Price To
2017 $27,600 $54,890
2016 $15,800 $33,000
2015 $13,500 $29,260
2014 $11,600 $26,510
2013 $9,300 $20,900
2012 $7,100 $16,500
2011 $5,800 $15,620
2010 $4,600 $13,420
2009 $3,900 $11,660
2008 $3,500 $9,680
2007 $2,700 $8,250
2006 $2,400 $7,370
2005 $2,200 $5,610
2004 $2,200 $5,390

Ford Territory FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Ford Territory here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Why won't my Ford Territory go into reverse when cold?

    The most common cause of this type of problem is a worn oil pump in the transmission. An automatic works on hydraulic pressure and if the pump is worn, it often can’t muster the necessary pressure to effect a gearshift when it’s cold. Once it’s warmed up, everything moves a bit more freely and the car will select Reverse. The fact that there’s still a gear-selection delay even when warmed up is the giveaway that this is the case.

    If you continue to drive it like this, it will possibly go for some months. But you need to be aware that the faulty oil pump is not only making shifting difficult, it’s also potentially starving the bearings of the lubrication they need. The end is nigh, I’m afraid. You could take a punt and have the gearbox serviced with new fluid and a clean filter, but, on balance, the pump is likely to be the culprit and is also indicative of general transmission wear and tear

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  • How do I activate the alarm system in my 2012 Ford Territory?

    The security system in your Territory is automatically armed when you lock the doors, Martin. As well as the door locks, the system should also immobilise the vehicle electronically, preventing it from being started without the computer-coded key, even if a window is smashed to gain access.

    As for an actual alarm where the lights flash and sirens sound if there’s an attempt to steal it, I’m afraid that wasn’t included on the Territory. Perhaps your car has an aftermarket alarm system that offers those functions, but if it does, you’ll need to contact the alarm’s manufacturer/importer for the instructions on how to make it work.

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  • The software in my 2015 Ford Territory is not working.

    This generation of full-sized Fords was a bit notorious for body computer problems that have symptoms very much like the ones you’ve listed. Essentially, the body computer is responsible for all the communication between the car’s various systems, including air-conditioning, cruise-control, central locking and much, much more. If the computer fails, replacement is usually the only real fix. Sometimes you’ll need to have the ignition key re-coded to the new computer, as well. The price quoted sounds about par for the course form what I’ve heard.

    I’m with you that a car that’s only five years old probably shouldn’t need new components like a body computer, but when your car was brand-new, it was covered only by a three-year factory warranty. Ford Australia extended its warranty to five years in 2018 (for cars sold after that date) but that’s of little use to you. Twisting the dealer’s arm probably won’t do much, but have you contacted Ford Australia’s customer service division and stated your case? It might be worth your while.

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