Ford Falcon 2003 Problems

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I'm still shuddering

Answered by CarsGuide 16 Jun 2005

I DON'T believe there is an upgrade at the moment. Stephen Brittain is having some success by keeping the pressure on Ford to do something about his car. I can only suggest you do the same. Contact Ford customer assistance and ask them to step in and help the dealer fix the problem.

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Regular vs. Synthetic oil

Answered by CarsGuide 19 May 2005

FORD'S recommended oil is Mobil Super GF 10W/30 for the XR6 and Mobil Super XHP 15W/40 for the XR6 Turbo, both mineral oils. I would stick with Ford's tip.

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Ford Falcon: Squealing brakes

Answered by CarsGuide 31 Mar 2005

CarsGuide approached Ford for its help in solving Stephen's problem, and it sent an engineer to assess the car. A new set of brake pads was fitted and the car was given back to Stephen, apparently fixed. He thought otherwise and asked us to drive the car. The noise we heard was a swishing noise rather than a squeal. There are a couple of possible causes: a warped disc, or the park brake pads rubbing against the disc while driving along. The PBR park brake has a problem which allows the pads to drop out of position and rub on the disc. This can be checked by gently applying the park brake a notch or two while driving -- enough to reposition the park brake pads. If that's the cause, the noise will stop for a short time until the pads drop out of position again. If the noise does cease when the park brake is applied, there isn't a fix. If it doesn't go away, look for a warped rotor. The best fix is to install better quality rotors from a company such as Disc Brakes Australia.

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Falcon ute bad vibrations

Answered by CarsGuide 21 Aug 2003

WE HAVEN'T had any other reports of this problem, but Ford says it could be due to the tyres, as you suggest. Their response to your problem was: The new Dunlop SP3000 tyres on BA XRs have a unique sidewall construction. On cold mornings it is possible to detect a slight vibration from cold flat spots which, after a couple of kilometres' driving, are gone.

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