The P100D is the big daddy of the Model X SUV line-up, and at $271,987 comes with the heftiest price tag to match.

Don’t try to fill it with petrol. That’ll get messy, but embarrassment will be the hardest stain to remove because the Model X is an electric vehicle.

This is a large SUV that comes standard with five seats but if you have any money left over you can option the Model X with six or seven seats.

Standard features include an enormous 17-inch touch screen, sat nav, reversing camera, climate control and seven more cameras set up  to enable the car to be fully autonomous when the software is rolled out.

The Model X also comes standard with a rear wing and snazzy red brake calipers which will be the envy of your 100D mates.

Also making them more than a bit jealous is your powerplants. While they have the same 193kW and 330Nm motors on the front and rear axles of their 100D you’ll have 193kW/330Nm on the front and a 375kW/600Nm unit on the rear.

This grunt along with the 'Ludicrous Speed' upgrade will rocket the P100D from 0-100km/h in a supercar-like 3.1 seconds.

The 100kWh battery has a 542km range (NEDC) but take 100km off that for a real-world figure.

2017 Tesla Model X P100D specifications

Price: $271,987
Fuel consumption: 542km range
Safety: 5
Seats: 5 (can option 7)
Warranty: Four-year/80,000km
Motor: Two AC induction motors 193kW/330Nm (f) and 375kW/650Nm (r)
Transmission: Single-speed fixed gear
Spare: None
Turning circle: 14.4m
Dimensions: 5037mm (L) 2271mm (W) 1680mm (H)