When it comes to building tyre-screeching, fire-breathing hot hatches, the French maniacs at Renault do it better than most. A quick glance at - or, better, a quick steer of - the brand's epic RenaultSport portfolio reveals a cracking line-up that's utterly uncompromised in its craziness, and one far more at home on a race track than on the road.

But the question we're here to answer today is, what happens when they dial back the crazy? Can Renault build a hatch with enough performance to keep you entertained, but that's comfortable and tech-savvy enough to pilot every day?

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Enter, then, the Renault Megane GT - the king of this fourth-generation, all-new Megane range, and a car that, if not quite a 'hot hatch', definitely plays on the fun side of warm.

And with a turbocharged 1.6-litre engine, a chassis and suspension setup tweaked by the RenaultSport team and a new four-wheel-steering system, a it promises to be quite a bit of fun,too.